You’ve seen the logos, but a strong brand is much more than that.

Even if you don’t have a logo, you have a brand. A brand is what people perceive about you – how people feel about you. Branding is the act of making strategic brand decisions with your target audience in mind. Brand decisions are about your logo, but also anything that impacts how people feel about you, especially their first impression before they even have an interaction with you. Those can be things like signage, photography, social media, messaging, website, videography, your customer’s experience, promotional items, and more. Because of branding, you’re able to take more control over your brand to ensure that everyone else has the same idea of who you authentically are and how you solve the problems of your ideal customers.

Good brands are developed with strategy.

Branding is more effective when it’s part of an overall strategy; you wouldn’t want to create a logo or spend money on brand photography without having a clear picture of your ideal customer or knowing the message you want to send to them.

That’s why I take the time to help you get clarity on who you are and what problems you solve for your clients before we create any messaging or visuals. Because my logo designs are based on research about your ideal audience, they don’t just look good…they’re actually effective at growing your brand.

“I felt strongly about developing a thorough understanding of my prospective clients so that I may best serve them, so developing a complete brand strategy made sense to me. The time went by so quickly in the strategy session, and I loved the thoroughness of your process! The strategy guide .pdf was spot on. I can even picture the customer personas and remember their names. Because of the brand strategy, the logo is deeper. I was very surprised when I saw it, because it wasn’t at all what I expected, but I loved it from the start. It reflects our qualities, values, and audience. That would not have happened as smoothly or accurately without the strategy.”
– Joe N.
(Kingsport, TN)

Learn about my process:

Starting at $3,000 and priced on a sliding scale by reach and business type (solo, micro, small, medium, large), my brand development process includes assessment, strategy, and design. Monthly payment plans are applied by default. To find out more about the process, schedule a free consultation with me using the form on this page. After our chat, I’ll send you a link to a custom proposal, contract, and invoice, and we’ll start the process below once you’re on my schedule.

“I had struggled with branding myself for so long, so when I first saw my logo during the reveal, I felt like a weight had been lifted. It was so intentional and I loved knowing why she chose the design elements she did. The whole process was extremely organized and I never felt like I was in the dark. I feel much more prepared now to stay on-brand and move forward with my business.”
– Christina  (Bristol, VA)

View some of my logo designs:

“Briana was creative, insightful, and inventive. Both logos work well as stand-alone graphics but are also easily integrated into larger designs. I enjoyed working with Briana — she was easy to communicate with and created exciting designs that would appeal to our customers.”
– Rene (Bristol, VA)

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I’d love to hear about your project on a free, 30-minute phone call, which you can book using the calendar below.

“Briana immediately put me at ease by asking about our current strategy and what I wanted to change. Even though I did not have a clear vision at the time, she asked me questions and listened intently to my answers. Briana exceeded my expectations. She took into consideration the budget constraints that I was under and developed a plan that could be implemented a little at a time. Briana helped us add cohesiveness to our messaging in lines of communication and we have received very positive feedback on our new branding from our community. Briana was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her if you are looking for creative ideas to improve your brand.”
– Penny (Bristol, VA)

Contact me with questions:

Would you rather chat by email? Just email [email protected] or use the form below to get in touch with me in writing instead.

Peruse some shiny things I’ve won:

2021 Gold ADDY Award – Logo Design
American Advertising Federation

2020 Silver ADDY Award – Brand Identity Campaign
American Advertising Federation

2019 Gold Hermes Creative Award – Logo Design
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

2018 Gold MarCom Award – Logo Design
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

2018 Platinum Hermes Creative Award -PR/Communications Campaign
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

2017 Platinum MarCom Award – Written Series
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

2017 40 Under Forty
The Business Journal of Tri-Cities TN/VA

2016 Gold Hermes Creative Award – Portrait Series
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

2016 Silver ADDY Award – Logo Design
American Advertising Federation

2015 Gold Hermes Creative Award – Annual Report Design
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

2015 Silver ADDY Award – Annual Report Design
American Advertising Federation

2014 Rising Star Alumni Award
Virginia Highlands Community College

2014 Silver ADDY Award – Website Design
American Advertising Federation

2013 Gold MarCom Award – Rebrand/Refresh
Association of Marketing & Communication Professionals

2013 Gold ADDY Award – Poster Design
American Advertising Federation

2010 Best in Show – Photography
Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion Photography Contest

Read about me, myself, and I.

I’m Briana. I help service-oriented leaders create amazing brands using strategy based on their ideal clients. In a nutshell, I assist businesses with merging who they are with what their ideal clients need by offering things like brand assessments, strategy, design, and consulting.

I was born and raised in Bristol, TN/VA in the Tri-Cities at the center of the Appalachian Highlands, and I still live here with my husband Stephen. I’ve been in the marketing industry since 2008, starting my career designing Homes magazine ads for a real estate company, which I continued doing, along with freelancing photography and logo design during college. I continued freelancing while I spent a short period of time at a marketing agency and then became a marketing manager for regional nonprofits for six and a half years. I went full-time with my branding business in 2018.

In many ways, I am an old soul. I can’t help but have a desire to understand people of all demographics, generations, and personality types. I use that desire to your advantage: to determine how you can better serve your dream customers. It’s an emotionally-driven approach to branding that involves stepping into someone else’s shoes. After all, the emotion a brand creates for a customer is what keeps them coming back, and who better to take an emotionally-driven approach than me, one of the most emotional friends you will probably ever have!

Read more about me and my background.