It’s official. You are branded! Now that you have a new logo, let’s show it off!

You’ll need different types of files for different things in your business. For example, you’ll need a different file to give to a print company that’s manufacturing your corporate swag than you will for your web developer who wants to put it in your website header. Here is a list of the files I’ve provided for you via email:

  • Logos for print use
  • Logos for digital use
  • Logos for black/white use
  • Image for social media profile picture
  • Favicon for website
  • Fonts (see brand guidelines for how to use them)
  • Brand guidelines (Send these to designers and print shops when you send them your logo files. Continue to reference them with each new logo use.)

Here is a checklist of items you’ll want to make sure to do. Have fun spreading the word, and please tag me in any announcements on social media so I can make sure to share, share, share!

  1. Create or update your website including your site’s images, logos, and copy.
  2. Create or update your brand’s social media page profiles (and yours if your company’s name changed) including images and copy.
  3. Order new business cards or brochures.
  4. Install some fancy new signage.
  5. Place an order for apparel or fun products/swag with your logo on them.
  6. Send an email announcement to your mailing list (or a series of emails).
  7. Mail a fun print piece for the launch!