“Within a few days of contacting Briana we met to discuss the needs of the office. Briana immediately put me at ease by asking about our current strategy and what I wanted to change. Even though I did not have a clear vision at the time, she asked me questions and listened intently to my answers. The meeting was very productive and she promised to get back with me in about a week. Briana exceeded my expectations with her proposal and the work which was done. She took into consideration the budget constraints that I was under and developed a plan that could be implemented a little at a time. Briana helped us add cohesiveness to our messaging in lines of communication and we have received very positive feedback on our new branding from our community. Briana was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her if you are looking for creative ideas to improve your brand.”

– Penny

“Briana’s communication around [the assessment] was fantastic! She was very timely in all responses and very willing to work with my crazy schedule. I needed a set of outside eyes that were far removed from me personally as well as my business to provide an unbiased review and offer suggestions for improvement. When I talked to her on the follow-up call, she was SO approachable that it didn’t feel like an “audit” at all, but a really gentle and firm conversation about how to improve. The written social media post observations were EXTREMELY helpful. Since the assessment, social media engagement is way up! Where I would often get likes on posts, I’m now getting multiple comments and connection. Some of that also happened as I decided to really let my own personal wall down and let people in. I have much more direction now as well as multiple avenues to try to see what works.”

– Nicole

“She is one of the most talented, capable, professional, and personable people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

– Cindy

“I can’t say enough about Briana’s God-given talent (she’s a BRILLIANT creative), her heart to serve her clients with excellence and integrity, her commitment to delivering a stellar project every. single. time. – on time and on budget.”

– Carrie

“Briana’s marketing and communications skills are excellent. She has an outstanding ability to relate to the market she serves. Her artistic eye and photographic talent were much appreciated. Briana puts her heart and mind into her work and gets things done!”

– Tim

“Briana is tirelessly enthusiastic and continually searches for new and creative solutions. She has a willingness to tackle difficult dilemmas with unwavering positivity, and you can tell she believes in every project she tackles. We are very lucky that she has generously given so much of her time and energy to ensure our success.”

– Alexis

“Briana was creative, insightful, and inventive. Both logos work well as stand-alone graphics but are also easily integrated into larger designs. I enjoyed working with Briana — she was easy to communicate with, understood the concepts quickly, and created exciting and simple designs that would appeal to our patrons and customers.”

– Rene

“In addition to Briana’s high quality and creative work, she is also a pleasure to work with. She meets deadlines and communicates often so you never wonder about that status of your project. This makes the process enjoyable and stress-free. She is a true professional. I highly recommend her!”

– Jessica