Brand asset creation VIP Day

A “VIP Day” is where we get together in-person or virtually and I focus only on projects for YOUR BUSINESS for a set period of time. You are my priority (my VIP) for the day.

After we’ve completed brand strategy and I am officially your newest “team member,” I use VIP Days as a way to check some items off your to-do list – no matter how big or small!

  • Half day VIP Day: $1,000
  • Full day VIP Day: $2,000 (two half days)

I can help with brand assets on your VIP Day – things that help you establish your brand and solutions that set you up for long-term success. Brand assets are items like:

  • website updates
  • photography
  • signage walk-through
  • customer reviews
  • organizing content
  • social media calendar
  • marketing strategy
  • marketing plan
  • writing/blogging
  • brand assessment

The items below are examples of what can be done within certain time “blocks” on a VIP Day, but once we start the process, you’ll actually send me your list of things that need to be done. We will prioritize them together and note how long our priorities will take to decide whether you want a half day or full day.

30-minute block example:

  • Update profile photo and contact info on social media pages

1-hour block example:

  • Update Google My Business listing with clarified messaging and new photos (use professional if available, take with iPhone if none exist)

2-hour block example:

  • Create a 30-day social media calendar 

3-hour block example:

  • Update headshot and interior/exterior photos

4-hour block example:

  • Organize and clarify 4 pages of website content and create visuals to break up text

8-hour block example:

  • Brand audit to define areas that need improvement or need to be magnified (see example)

VIP Day Process

Step 1

Meet to go over your list of projects.

Step 2

Schedule a half day or full day VIP Day.

Step 3

Get stuff done!

Let’s get stuff done in a day!

Let’s chat to see what’s on your list and decide which VIP Day option is best for you. Just send me an email or text and we’ll meet up!

Peruse some shiny things I’ve won:

2021 Gold ADDY Award – Logo Design
American Advertising Federation

2020 Silver ADDY Award – Brand Identity Campaign
American Advertising Federation

2019 Gold Hermes Creative Award – Logo Design
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

2018 Gold MarCom Award – Logo Design
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

2018 Platinum Hermes Creative Award -PR/Communications Campaign
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

2017 Platinum MarCom Award – Written Series
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

2017 40 Under Forty
The Business Journal of Tri-Cities TN/VA

2016 Gold Hermes Creative Award – Portrait Series
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

2016 Silver ADDY Award – Logo Design
American Advertising Federation

2015 Gold Hermes Creative Award – Annual Report Design
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

2015 Silver ADDY Award – Annual Report Design
American Advertising Federation

2014 Rising Star Alumni Award
Virginia Highlands Community College

2014 Silver ADDY Award – Website Design
American Advertising Federation

2013 Gold MarCom Award – Rebrand/Refresh
Association of Marketing & Communication Professionals

2013 Gold ADDY Award – Poster Design
American Advertising Federation

2010 Best in Show – Photography
Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion Photography Contest

Read about me, myself, and I.

I’m Briana. I help service-oriented leaders create amazing brands using strategy based on their ideal clients. In a nutshell, I assist businesses with merging who they are with what their ideal clients need by offering things like brand assessments, strategy, design, and consulting.

I was born and raised in Bristol, TN/VA in the Tri-Cities at the center of the Appalachian Highlands, and I still live here with my husband Stephen. I’ve been in the marketing industry since 2008, starting my career designing Homes magazine ads for a real estate company, which I continued doing, along with freelancing photography and logo design during college. I continued freelancing while I spent a short period of time at a marketing agency and then became a marketing manager for regional nonprofits for six and a half years. I went full-time with my branding business in 2018.

In many ways, I am an old soul. I can’t help but have a desire to understand people of all demographics, generations, and personality types. I use that desire to your advantage: to determine how you can better serve your dream customers. It’s an emotionally-driven approach to branding that involves stepping into someone else’s shoes. After all, the emotion a brand creates for a customer is what keeps them coming back, and who better to take an emotionally-driven approach than me, one of the most emotional friends you will probably ever have!

Read more about me and my background.