Small and Rural Schools Summit

It’s time…feedback time!

I have included a draft of a logo, brand statement, and brand script on this page. Instructions for feedback are conveniently placed at the bottom of this page.


Drumroll, please…

Your logo tells people your name and creates a visual symbol that represents your identity publicly. Your logo will appear on nearly all marketing materials – print and digital – to help people recognize you and see you as an authority. One thing to keep in mind: whether they realize it or not, people remember and almost immediately recognize logos…they’re that important!

Here’s the draft of the logo for your event!

Breaking it down…

How did I get there? Here’s a quick breakdown of the logo elements, individually colored to show translation to the final imagery.

Some questions to assist with feedback:

  1. Is the logo relevant to the audience and industry?
  2. Do you feel like this logo is professional and modern without being too formal?
  3. Is there anything you’d like me to remove, include, or change including the fonts and colors?

Brand statement (sentence)

Imagine you are only allowed one sentence to describe your event. This is it. A brand statement is a sentence you can ‘copy and paste’ to describe your event. This statement is meant to be short and memorable; you can even offer it as a response to questions. (This statement can also be used in descriptions of your event on social media where characters may be limited.) Note that it is the first sentence of your Brand Script.

Brand Statement:
The Small and Rural Schools Summit provides school leadership solutions to ensure student success in Virginia’s smallest communities.

Since the name of the event does not include “Virginia,” I think it is important that the logo include a statement clarifying the audience’s required location. The following variation will be used as a clarifying tagline under the logo:

Brand Statement (logo variation):
Solutions to ensure student success in Virginia’s smallest communities.

Some questions to assist with feedback:

Does it come naturally to you? Are there words that feel out of place or difficult to say? Could you imagine offering it as a response to the question, “What’s this event about?” or “Why do you have this event?” What would you like to change?

Brand script (paragraph)

A brand script is a paragraph you can “copy and paste” to describe what you do. You can use this paragraph on your flyers, in conversations, on social media, in brochures, etc. Using the same language to describe your event every time allows for consistency and repetition, key concepts that help people understand and remember what you do.

Brand Script:
The Small and Rural Schools Summit provides school leadership solutions to ensure student success in Virginia’s smallest communities. Superintendents, school board members, central office staff, and school administrators participate in professional development sessions covering topics like equitable funding, curriculum enhancement, cost-saving solutions, community partnerships, and workforce development. Through collaboration and strategic partnerships, leaders from individual localities are able to improve education in small and rural communities across the entire state of Virginia.

Some questions to assist with feedback:

Are there any other topic categories that need to be included? Can any words or phrases be removed? Does it clearly communicate who attends and why? Is there anything you’d like to change?


How are you feeling about it all? Let’s hear it. Any concerns, questions, or general comments are welcome – the good, bad, and the ugly. Be as specific as you can; it will help us get exactly where we need to be!

Feedback is requested by Wednesday 3/18 to stay on track with our schedule. We can converse over the phone (276.591.6886) , in-person at your office, or via email ([email protected]) – whichever you prefer.

Once we finalize the logo, I’ll send you various file formats and helpful tips for using it so you’ll be ready to roll now and in the future. I will also proceed with the other components in the project that use the new logo and messaging.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

COVID-19 UPDATE: Like all of you, I am monitoring the impact of this pandemic closely. I wanted to reassure you that I have business continuity plans in place to make sure I can continue to provide the high levels of service and support you expect from me. Thank you for choosing me to walk alongside you (virtually) to improve your business – even in the midst of a pandemic.