I’m excited to share the Stone Mountain Meats logo with you today. Before I break it down, let me share the brand script I created for this small business so you can understand who they are…

“Family-owned Stone Mountain Meats, located at the base of Stone Mountain in Greeneville, TN, combines modern technology with traditional values. Their dedication to quality and community makes these engineers-turned-butchers a trusted source for ethical meat processing in the East Tennessee region.”

Here it is!

And now, we break it down!

The font choice of Roboto Slab nods to “modern technology” with mechanical, geometric letter forms and natural, friendly curves.

The font choice of Corner Store JF nods to “traditional values” as a nostalgic script font that mimics hand-lettering seen on old-fashioned storefront signage.

A landscape represents a thriving community, a core value of their brand. The lined circle helps to simplify and modernize a more detailed and traditional landscape. The straight lines offer balance at the bottom, as they tie in with the lined circle.

The main element is this…

The light gray color suggests it’s a stone mountain, but the shape and markings suggest it’s a T-bone steak. The steak represents their other core value of quality meats.

To really drive home the fact that the steak is also meant to appear as a stone mountain, the tree, grass, and creek (based on actual visuals from the property) were added as visual accompaniment, along with mountains in the background.

Green stands for nature and symbolizes freshness with an added warmth to this shade that is emotionally positive.

Blue is the preferred color of both genders, symbolizes trust, and provides another nod to nature (sky and water).

Light gray is the color associated most with stone. It symbolizes reliability and stability.

Black brings sophistication, professionalism, and seriousness to the design.

It was important for me to note the location and that the business is family owned to provide context and add another layer of trust building.

And there you have it, folks! The brand new logo for the brand new brand, Stone Mountain Meats, coming in 2021 to Greeneville, TN.

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