“I was nervous, but Briana made me feel comfortable and I ended up having a lot of fun.”


What it’s like

Senior photos shouldn’t be intimidating, typical, or awkward.

I meet up with you in-person before the session for a coffee chat to get to know you. Because of that coffee chat, we can have fun celebrating YOU during our photo session – who you are, right now, in all of your awesomeness.

The 2-hour session allows for props that incorporate your hobbies and favorite hangout spots. If you play tennis, we’ll head to the courts; I might lay on the ground or stand up on the benches, but it’s all in good fun. If you love listening to old records, we might do a stylized shoot that looks more like an editorial in a magazine. If you love getting dressed like you’ve won an Academy Award, we’ll find a location that compliments it and work it.

I’ll direct you on how to pose so it’s not awkward. I’ll say things like, “Could you pull your right shoulder back just a little and bring your left hand up to hold the corner of your sunglasses?” I’ll even help you choose your wardrobe and accessories before our session if you’d like – just text me! I love the whole process. 

I provide full retouching like the removal of blemishes, stray hairs, stray lipstick, etc. AND – I’ll send you a preview within a few days so I don’t leave you hanging. I’ll have all of your images to you in an online gallery within two weeks!

What do you get for the $350 session fee?

  • An in-person consultation where we get to know each other and plan our session
  • A full 2-hour session, 3 locations, and 3 outfits
  • An online gallery of photos delivered within two weeks; you can purchase and download directly from the gallery at $10/photo up to 10 photos and as low as $5/photo in higher quantities
  • A print release to print and post your photos as many times as you want
  • The option to add on a custom lay-flat photo book for $100 containing the images you choose *client favorite!*

“She does everything she can to get to know you so that her pictures can show your personality.”


Book now

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Example: Virginia High School, 2021

“I expected them to be amazing but I got them back and they are just perfect. I had such a great time!”


Nice to e-meet you!

I’m Briana, and I help service-oriented leaders like you create amazing brands. I was born and raised in Bristol, TN/VA in the Tri-Cities at the center of the Appalachian Highlands, and I still live here with my husband Stephen.

In many ways, I am an old soul. I can’t help but have a desire to understand people of all demographics, generations, and personality types. I use that desire to your advantage: to determine how you can better serve your dream customers. It’s an emotionally-driven approach to branding that involves stepping into someone else’s shoes. After all, the emotion a brand creates for a customer is what keeps them coming back, and who better to take an emotionally-driven approach than me, one of the most emotional friends you will probably ever have!

I’ve been winning industry awards since 2010 at the local, national, and international level for photography, graphic design, web design, branding, writing, and marketing. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of providing services for clients in so many different industries: automotive, advertising, government, real estate, tourism, spa and beauty, social work, retail, law, energy, nonprofit, religious, healthcare, entertainment, arts, transportation, music, finance, wedding and event, government, food/beverage, fitness, wellness, education, housing, construction, and more.

I’ve worked with a lot of people, and I pride myself on relating to and caring deeply for every client I ever work with. I believe in the power of branding, because when you invest in your brand, it is business-altering for you and your clients. As your brand strategist, designer, photographer, and educator, I will help you make emotional connections with your dream customers through a simplified view of branding and a hefty dose of authenticity.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Like all of you, I am monitoring the impact of this pandemic closely. I wanted to reassure you that I have business continuity plans in place to make sure I can continue to provide the high levels of service and support you expect from me. Thank you for choosing me to walk alongside you (virtually) to improve your business – even in the midst of a pandemic.

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