When a potential customer comes to me with a brand problem, I have a set routine for sending a proposal and getting everything I need to get started:

  1. I ask a few questions to find out more about their business.
  2. I send them a link to a proposal that details what I’m proposing as the solution, as well as the cost and the timeline for that solution.
  3. If they accept that proposal and decide to work with me, I need to send them a contract for both of us to sign.
  4. Once the contract is signed, they need to pay a deposit and pay the rest of that invoice according to a payment schedule.
  5. Once they pay the deposit, we need to set up a time to chat about their project and plan.
  6. And that all happens BEFORE the project even starts.

In the spring of 2020, I was sending proposals through my website, creating invoices using a separate system, and sending contracts using another one. I was using three different sites just to start one project, and no central location to access them all. And then, as a FOURTH step, I was having to go back and forth over email to find a time to meet to chat about the project and plan. I had reached a point where it was just overwhelming.

The joy of proposing a new solution for a potential client was overshadowed by the daunting task of having to create all of the “back-end” systems just to make it official. There was so much of what I felt like was “busy work.”

I had seen people in some of the Facebook groups I’m in talking about CRMs making their life easier. I had been putting off using a CRM (customer relationship management) solution in lieu of free alternatives to each part of the process, but the time I was spending on my workarounds was not worth it anymore. I needed a tool to help me automate and streamline my process.

The majority of creatives in the Facebook groups were advocating for Dubsado. I decided to try it because they allowed for a trial run of three free clients – and we all know I was in “free” mode!

After using it to send my first questionnaire and proposal (with a contract, invoice, and scheduler automatically filled in and attached!), I was hooked. Why did I wait so long?

Sending proposals through Dubsado has given me back my time and energy…it is streamlined, templated, and takes so much less time, but still allows me to customize whatever I need to for each client. It doesn’t feel like busy work.

The best part? Because I no longer have a draining proposal process, I can use that energy on my projects to create better results for my clients. Don’t you just love when automation works in your favor?

Dubsado makes my life as a business owner a lot easier. I think it could help you, too! I am sharing my link here if you’d like 20% off a membership.