Are you a service-based business with any of these challenges?

  • Attracting NEW customers like your best/favorite ones
  • STANDING OUT against your competition
  • Creating an experience that makes your customers want to COME BACK again and again
  • Making an EMOTIONAL connection with your customers
  • Helping people UNDERSTAND how your products/services make their lives better
  • Providing real, consistent VALUE to your customers (more than just sales)
  • Looking PROFESSIONAL while still remaining real and AUTHENTIC
  • Knowing which marketing CHANNELS are important to your ideal customers
  • Being less CONFUSING in your messaging and having one clear, consistent voice across all platforms
  • Not wasting your TIME on marketing that isn’t EFFECTIVE

It’s easier than you think to address them.

That’s where I come in! Let’s refresh the way you (and your clients) think about your business, and let’s do it well. With my two-step branding process, I work with you to discover:

  • The secret to simplifying your marketing so you don’t waste your time
  • The one thing you need to know in order to stand out against your competition
  • How to find the root of the problems you’re having connecting with your dream customers
  • 4 methods to attract more of the right customers – the ones who “get” you
  • How to brand your customer experience to create returning customers
  • 3 simple actions you can take to serve to your customers better (provide more than just sales)
  • How to stay consistent in your messaging across different platforms

Whether you have a new venture or you’ve been in business for a while now, there is one thing I know for sure: Making sure you have a strong brand is THE number one priority for your business.

If you’re excited to grow, yet you’re overwhelmed with where to start, let me show you how I can help you attract your dream customers and take more control over your brand.

My two-step process

“Brand Your Brand”

I’ve developed a two-step process called Brand Your Brand where I develop a plan to improve customer connections and then make straight-forward changes to boost your success. This process is truly eye-opening and oftentimes creates a pivot point for your business.

Step 1: The Brand Plan

I create a comprehensive plan to help you get past the overwhelm and know what to do next. The Brand Plan will serve as a guidebook for connecting with your dream customers and growing your brand.

First, I coach you through a two-hour session where you transfer any helpful information over to me. Next, I conduct research about your dream customers, industry, competition, and potential collaborators. And finally, I spend three weeks creating a 30+ page brand strategy guidebook (AKA “The Brand Plan”) for your business based off of what I find. The plan includes:

  • Brand purpose
  • Brand goals
  • Brand values
  • Brand story
  • Differentiating factor
  • Brand statement (sentence) and script (paragraph)
  • Brand personality, voice, and words
  • Dream customer profiles
  • Dream customer problems/solutions
  • Audience sales funnel and filter
  • Competition analysis
  • Collaboration analysis
  • Creative solutions (aesthetic, design direction, and photography styles)
  • Social media strategy
  • 10+ assessments and solutions (web, customer experience, photo, design, etc.)

The Brand Plan: $ Custom Quote $
(payment plan always available)

Step 2: The Brand Boost

The Brand Boost is when we carry out the plan and implement customized solutions that build those emotional connections with your ideal customers. Those solutions can be:

  • a new visual identity (logo and elements)
  • website functionality or design changes
  • social media calendar examples
  • requests for specific testimonials
  • video/photo stories of customer success
  • signage and packaging updates
  • adjustments to your physical environments
  • new marketing materials
  • …and more

I basically become a temporary staff member of your business, serving you in any way I feel I can and referring you to others who can help you in specific areas.

Brand Boost: $ Custom Quote $
(payment plan always available)

“Within a few days of contacting Briana we met to discuss the needs of the office. Briana immediately put me at ease by asking about our current strategy and what I wanted to change. Even though I did not have a clear vision at the time, she asked me questions and listened intently to my answers. The meeting was very productive and she promised to get back with me in about a week. Briana exceeded my expectations with her proposal and the work which was done. She took into consideration the budget constraints that I was under and developed a plan that could be implemented a little at a time. Briana helped us add cohesiveness to our messaging in lines of communication and we have received very positive feedback on our new branding from our community. Briana was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her if you are looking for creative ideas to improve your brand.”


Contact me today

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Zigler

Are you ready to get started? Or would you like help, but you’re just not sure what you need? Let’s chat about it over a call.


2021 Gold ADDY Award – Logo Design
American Advertising Federation

2020 Silver ADDY Award – Brand Identity Campaign
American Advertising Federation

2019 Gold Hermes Creative Award – Logo Design
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

2018 Gold MarCom Award – Logo Design
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

2018 Platinum Hermes Creative Award -PR/Communications Campaign
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

2017 Platinum MarCom Award – Written Series
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

2017 40 Under Forty
The Business Journal of Tri-Cities TN/VA

2016 Gold Hermes Creative Award – Portrait Series
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

2016 Silver ADDY Award – Logo Design
American Advertising Federation

2015 Gold Hermes Creative Award – Annual Report Design

Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

2015 Silver ADDY Award – Annual Report Design

American Advertising Federation

2014 Rising Star Alumni Award

Virginia Highlands Community College

2014 Silver ADDY Award – Website Design

American Advertising Federation

2013 Gold MarCom Award – Rebrand/Refresh
Association of Marketing & Communication Professionals

2013 Gold ADDY Award – Poster Design
American Advertising Federation

2010 Best in Show – Photography
Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion Photography Contest

Nice to e-meet you!

I’m Briana. I help service-oriented leaders create amazing brands using strategy based on their ideal clients. In a nutshell, I assist businesses with branding or rebranding by offering things like brand assessments, strategy, photography, design, and consulting.

I was born and raised in Bristol, TN/VA in the Tri-Cities at the center of the Appalachian Highlands, and I still live here with my husband Stephen.

In many ways, I am an old soul. I can’t help but have a desire to understand people of all demographics, generations, and personality types. I use that desire to your advantage: to determine how you can better serve your dream customers. It’s an emotionally-driven approach to branding that involves stepping into someone else’s shoes. After all, the emotion a brand creates for a customer is what keeps them coming back, and who better to take an emotionally-driven approach than me, one of the most emotional friends you will probably ever have!

Read more about me and my background.