Brand Strategy

Day 1: Meeting/call to discuss options/needs

Day 4: Custom proposal

Day 10: Proposal acceptance, contract signing, and deposit

Day 14: Welcome email with homework (strategy session scheduling, Pinterest boards, and 15-minute questionnaire)

Day 18: Review homework and RESEARCH!

Day 25: Strategy session (2-3 hours including questionnaire review, Pinterest review, and research presentation)

Day 30: Brand strategy sent and feedback (2 rounds of revisions if needed)

  • audience personas, problems and solutions
  • journeys/paths
  • core values
  • mood board
  • heart (what you are and what you aren’t)
  • brand words
  • differentiator
  • voice
  • competition analysis
  • possible collaborators
  • mission statement
  • similar big brands

NEXT: Photography/Design!