When I found out there was a possibility that Alec’s session could involve his grandfather’s 1950s Ford Thunderbird…I was thrilled for Alec…and selfishly, also for me. Who gets to take senior pictures with a Thunderbird?!

Alec is an intellectual, technologically-inclined millennial – but I really think he was born in the wrong decade. He makes it look like #thunderbirdlifeistheonlylife. Tell me I’m wrong…

We were able to use a 1960s building for the backdrop of other photos in the session without having to drive elsewhere.  As you can see, we went all-out with the vintage momentum we had going, and I even stylized my editing with a warm, mid-century classic vibe.

I even added some grain to this one so it was visually closer to a legit vintage photo.

Alec’s senior session was one of the most uniquely-themed sessions to-date because of how well his personality and style meshed with this era.

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